Here we come for Dash day fun,

Roll or walk or dance or run!!!!

On Friday September 29th,

Be you small or be you gianths,

We’ll hit the track class by class

To show school spirit and shake some grass.

In the weeks before the thrill

We gotta get up in your grill.

Please ask your friends and families

To donate all their spare monies.

Maybe a business that you know?

Just be SAFE, don’t go alone.

On Dash day our new shirts will come

And every kid can be sporting one.

So get the money cuz shirts aren’t free

Someone’s got to pay you see.

Together we can make it fair

For every kid to get to share.

Because we love you, yes we do,

Every dashing one of you!

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Sunnyland PTA,
Sep 18, 2017, 7:15 PM